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Mailsum gives you full insight in your email behavior. It scans your email traffic & behavior, which helps you understand how you are using it. An email analytics program, which rules them all

See what you’ve been up to

Perform data analysis with graphs and pie charts. Discover your most active hours during the day, see personal trends, compare with past performance and more

Who is more productive?

Email analytics have never been more playful! You can compare your performance real-time with your co-workers or friends. Go ahead and see how well you are doing compared to fellow age groups, gender or even countries!

Made for Apple Mail

Instant overview of all your email traffic

Awesome Statistics

All the important numbers at a glance. Within seconds after opening the app you get all the details smoothly presented. How productive were you today?

Custom interface

A nice interface is not just eye candy, it improves navigation and eligibility. There's much more than what meets the eye.

Advanced data analysis

Use the Graph feature to visualize your productivity. Compare with past data ranges to discover your personal trends and insights.

Sharing is easy

Share your most impressive stats with only one click on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. Show the world how productive you are!

Compare with friends

Through my.mailsum you can compare your traffic with a closed group of friends. You can even compare it with fellow age groups, gender or countries!

Top 5 ranking

You might be surprised to learn with whom you interacted most this month. Your girlfriend or your boss?

Statistic widget overview

See your performance

Compare your email traffic

Business advantages

Get your business account today and start monitoring your co-workers. Add your co-workers and get a detailed overview in their email use. Starting from as low as $2 per month.
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