Go Business!

Unlock additional accounts & more to better understand your business process.

Through your business account you can centrally monitor your co-workers email use in a truly accessible manner. Upon adding the team you get detailed insights about number of emails, response times and more. This provides useful information to evaluate and stimulate your team performance.

Mailsum Business helps me to monitor my team (email) performance. It gives me a better insight in their daily use and helps me, combined with other milestones, to evaluate them in a fair but correct manner. appnormal.com BV - C. Heck

Accessible online reports

Use any browser to see which team members are top users, encourage less performing members and understand how your decisions can influence team email behavior.

Export PDF / XLS

Export your team email use in an understandable PDF or customizable Excel file. Select, filter and download; it’s as easy as it gets!

Daily updates

If you want to you can activate the daily report function. This way you will find a team email use report at the end of the day in your inbox. Convenient!

Fast set-up

Upon signing up for a business account you will get a special key, which you have to enter for each team member in the Mailsum app. In the first sync they are automatically added to your group.


You can cancel your subscription any time, without additional cost. Of course we prefer to keep you on board, so please tell us why you decided to jump off!

24/7 support

You can count on us at all times. We are available for support 24h a day, 7 days a week. Please see our support page for more details.